Supermarket Meat or Raw Pet Food Manufacturer?

Supermarket Meat or Raw Pet Food Manufacturer?

Posted by Landywoods on 23rd Nov 2019

Have you ever wondered why plain supermarket meat is not recommended for feeding to your pet? Do you think that raw pet food manufacturers are just inflating their prices for the same product you can buy in the supermarket? Well, this isn't the case........

Meat purchased from your local supermarket just isn't the same. Meat is meat I hear you say...

Well, yes it is but the meat you buy from your supermarket is produced for us humans to cook. Therefore, it is not batch tested for bacteria. So the consumer (your pet) is risking levels of bacteria which would ultimately fail batch tests should it have been intended for raw pet food.

All raw pet food manufacturers have to adhere to strict Defra batch testing for all products produced. This is because you feed in it's raw, uncooked state to your pet. Whilst your pets digestive system can tolerate far greater levels of bacteria than us humans there is still a chance of picking up something nasty from supermarket bought meat. If you are caught short or have run low of your usual food go to a pet shop freezer not the supermarket.

This is just one reason why you should buy from a reputable raw manufacturer.

Over the coming months we will delve further into the benefits of feeding a balanced raw diet, the need for offal and bones, freezing and other areas which always raise questions.

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