Laughing Dog Traditional Terrier 15kg


The only true 100% wholemeal biscuit in the world.

Milled and packed in 3 hours to retain all the goodness of the wheat, even the wheat germ.

Fed in equal parts with meat, fresh or tinned.

Puppy and Terrier grades may be fed dry or soaked.



Laughing Dog biscuits were founded in 1935 in the Midlands by a family of Bakers who experimented making biscuits for their own dogs.  They mill their own wheat, which is grown locally and delivered fresh into their factory every day. The freshly milled flour, with nothing taken away, is mixed into a dough with fresh water before being baked in their range of ovens. The lovely, tasty biscuit meal is the basis for all their feeds. Their personal interest in dogs and their welfare has meant total dedication to producing the best quality natural foods that experience and technology can create.

Composition: Wheat