Greenark Cereal Mix


By feeding Greenark cereal mix, busy owners can be entirely confident that their pets are receiving the best possible nourishment. Preparation is simple: just add enough cold water to cover the mix, and leave it to soak for eight hours or overnight.

Greenark cereal mix is an excellent rearing food for puppies and very gentle on the digestion of aged animals. It's health giving properties will encourage high performance in any working activities. Where there are meat related allergies or digestive problems, it is ideal.

Owners who feed Greenark cereal mix will usually begin to notice the benefits after a few weeks. Because the digestion and bowel functions are far more efficient, the general condition of the animal improves.

The coat looks shinier and less greasy, and smells cleaner; any skin problems start to disappear; the eyes look clear and alert; the teeth and gums are healthier; the breath is sweeter; and above all, the animal becomes so keen on exercise and fun that the owner's fitness is bound to improve at the same time!

Animals are creatures of habit and some may be reluctant at first to change from their accustomed diet; but it really is worth preserving, for the sake of the enormous benefits your pet will enjoy for the rest of it's life. during the transition period, try adding tempting foods such as chopped bananas, ground nuts, grated apple, raw egg yolk, peanut butter or cod liver oil.

Once the animal has accepted the change, it will eat with great relish, and you will have the satisfaction of providing your pet with the very best quality food for a healthy, contented life.


Add enough cold water to cover the mix and allow to soak over night, ready for use the next day. soaking improves the flavour and softens the grains. You may notice that the sesame seeds have germinated: freshly sprouted seeds are very nutritious and enhance the protein content of the cereal.

How often to feed

Puppies and kittens need 4 small meals daily, reducing gradually to 2 meals by about 8 months old. Adult toy breeds may do better on 2 or 3 meals daily. Green Ark have worked out a suggested diet for dogs.


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  • Oats – Have one of the highest protein contents of all the grains, and are rich in calcium and iron. They have a high fat content but also contain soluble gums which bind cholesterol in the intestines, thus preventing it’s absorption. Oats have in fact been found effective in lowering the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Barley – Believed to be the oldest cultivated grain and is an excellent food that is high  in nutrients and lower in fat than most other grains.
  • Maize – Native to South America, where it has been used for 10,000 years. it is good for teeth and hair.
  • Rye – Similar in composition to wheat, but contains less gluten. It has a delicious distinctive flavour.
  • Millet – The only alkaline grain. It contains all the necessary elements to provide for daily nutritive requirements.
  • Carrot – Rich in vitamins A, B & C, and contains small amounts of E & K as well as phosphorus, potassium and calcium. It is particularly valuable as a digestive aid, glandular tonic, skin cleanser and eye conditioner. It is helpful in fighting infection and calming the nervous system, while promoting vitality and a feeling of well-being.
  • Parsley – A particularly rich in both iron and vitamin C, with an appreciable level of pro vitamin A. Also high in calcium, phosphorus and manganese, it is surely one of our most concentrated foodstuffs.
  • Sunflower Seeds – Highly nutritious and outstandingly rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. They contain 24% protein and at least three times as much iron.
  • Sesame Seeds – High in zinc, sodium, vitamin B3 and calcium.
  • Coriander – Noted for sweetening the breath and stimulating digestion and appetite. it is said to be almost magical in banishing flatulence.
  • Dill – A calmative herb, used for many years to stimulate the appetite and settle the stomach.
  • Anis – Helps expel gas from the intestine; an antiseptic herb.
  • Fennel – Tones the digestion and relieves flatulence and other disturbances of the bowel or intestinal function.
  • Carob – A legume or bean and has been a source of food for thousands of years for animals and human beings. It is packed with minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, manganese and silicon: it contains vitamins B1 and B2 and niacin, a little vitamin A and some protein.


We have given you some approximate measurements for the quantity to feed your animals. Each dog, however has its own requirements based on its own metabolic rate, health, fitness, age, weight etc.

So the weights must be adjusted accordingly for each animal. If you find your dog doesn’t completely finish its meal, give it less meat next time. Or if it is putting on weight, obviously feed it less.

Working people will have to develop their feeding routine to suit their own time schedule. The Greenark cereal mix is alone sufficient in every way to give your pet all its nutritional requirements ( although it contains only minute quantities of oil as it is a dried mix ). 

No completely natural diet would be the same day in day out, so we recommend adding some variety to the diet if you are able. Some examples are included below.

Remember always feed whole foods.

Morning (12am approx)

Cereal must be previously soaked (if desired you may add things such as grated apple, yogurt, cottage cheese tahini, spoonful of cooked lentils etc, or replace cereal and give cooked rice and veg, brown bread & egg), sunflower oil

Cereal (dry weight) with sunflower oil

  •     Small dogs: 1-2oz with 1/2 tsp
  •     Medium: 2-4oz with 1 tsp
  •     Large: 6-8oz with 1 1/2 tsp
  •     V. large: 8oz to 1lb with 2 tsp

Evening (6pm approx)

Cereal must be previously soaked, food supplements to be mixed in with the cereal

Cereal (dry weight)

  •     Small dogs: 2-4oz
  •     Medium: 4-8oz
  •     Large: 8oz to 1lb
  •     V. large: 1-2lb


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