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Veggie 4 Blend


A choice selection of Celery, Carrot, Fenugreek and Spinach all rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements (not duplicated in other mixes).

Celery: Aids rheumatism and also helps restore lost tissue and muscle tone.

Carrot:  Excellent blood cleanser promotes good tooth enamel. High in Vit A.

Fenugreek:  Greatly helps with digestive disturbances. An excellent general tonic.

Spinach: Rich in iron and anti oxidants

Greenark Seaweed


The advantage of seaweed is that while it supplies essential and mineral salts, it is also alkaline and cleansing and exerts a gentle laxative effect.  

In animals, seaweed encourages a thick shining coat, stronge bones and good pigmentation. Simply  sprinkle onto the main meal five days a week.

Greenark Green Food Supplement


A blend of Kelp, Alfalfa, Nettle and Parsley.

This combination provides a wonderful selection of the vitamins, minerals and all important trace elements which are essential for health. It’s benefits are particularly noticeable in improved coat and pigmentation.

Greenark Slippery Elm Gruel


A high quality weaning food, it is soothing to the stomach and provides an excellent source of easily assimilated nutrients. It is also used in sickness and during convalescence and provides a valuable food for aged animals.

Its gentle, soothing action upon the stomach and throughout the digestive tract facilitates the absorption of nutrients.