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Laughing Dog Puppy 10kg


The only true 100% wholemeal biscuit in the world.

Milled and packed in 3 hours to retain all the goodness of the wheat, even the wheat germ.

Fed in equal parts with meat, fresh or tinned.

Puppy and Terrier grades may be fed dry or soaked

Greenark Cereal Mix


By feeding Greenark cereal mix, busy owners can be entirely confident that their pets are receiving the best possible nourishment. Preparation is simple: just add enough cold water to cover the mix, and leave it to soak for eight hours or overnight.

Greenark cereal mix is an excellent rearing food for puppies and very gentle on the digestion of aged animals. It's health giving properties will encourage high performance in any working activities. Where there are meat related allergies or digestive problems, it is ideal.

Owners who feed Greenark cereal mix will usually begin to notice the benefits after a few weeks. Because the digestion and bowel functions are far more efficient, the general condition of the animal improves.

The coat looks shinier and less greasy, and smells cleaner; any skin problems start to disappear; the eyes look clear and alert; the teeth and gums are healthier; the breath is sweeter; and above all, the animal becomes so keen on exercise and fun that the owner's fitness is bound to improve at the same time!

Animals are creatures of habit and some may be reluctant at first to change from their accustomed diet; but it really is worth preserving, for the sake of the enormous benefits your pet will enjoy for the rest of it's life. during the transition period, try adding tempting foods such as chopped bananas, ground nuts, grated apple, raw egg yolk, peanut butter or cod liver oil.

Once the animal has accepted the change, it will eat with great relish, and you will have the satisfaction of providing your pet with the very best quality food for a healthy, contented life.


Add enough cold water to cover the mix and allow to soak over night, ready for use the next day. soaking improves the flavour and softens the grains. You may notice that the sesame seeds have germinated: freshly sprouted seeds are very nutritious and enhance the protein content of the cereal.

How often to feed

Puppies and kittens need 4 small meals daily, reducing gradually to 2 meals by about 8 months old. Adult toy breeds may do better on 2 or 3 meals daily. Green Ark have worked out a suggested diet for dogs.