Posted by Landywoods on 23rd Nov 2019

Have you been put off by your vet or headlines implying that your own health may be at risk, let alone that of your pet? Well read on...

Look at the shine......

Does this dog look unhealthy? Shiny coat, good muscle tone, bright eyes - just a shame we can't see those pearly white teeth too.

So, are you scared that you might be at risk from Salmonella or some other bacteria that you can't pronounce? Your vet has told you that your dog won't be getting the essential nutrients he needs for strong bones and his teeth won't be clean if he doesn't eat kibble? Looking at this in greater detail may help.

Bacteria and You

If you eat meat yourself, we assume that you prepare raw meat in your home. Basic hygiene precautions should always apply, whether the food is for you, or for your pet. Wash everything in hot soapy water (or a dishwasher) and wash your hands after preparing raw meat. It really is as simple as that. Whilst us humans cook our food to kill bacteria, your pets stomach has different acidity levels to enable them to deal with higher levels of bacteria. Remember your dog picks up all sorts in the street whilst on a walk and has no ill effects. If we did the same we would probably be quite ill. We aren't the same.

Raw vs Kibble

Biologically appropriate raw feeding. Is just that, as nature intended our pets to eat. They have never had to ability to cook their own food. so why feed them cooked food? Kibble, like all long life foods, contains preservatives and additives to make it more appealing and last longer on the shelf. These are an unnecessary addition to your pets diet.

Raw and Your Vet

Why is my vet against raw? Well firstly, not all vets are against raw. Vets tend not to spend too much time on nutrition whilst learning their trade. They are approached by kibble companies to stock their products and the profits are very good. There is also occasionally a place for kibble due to allergies or other illnesses. But raw is as nature intended.

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