Landywoods / LPF (2014) Ltd is well known for their excellence in the BARF Diet

Our story

Landywoods is a family run business striving to produce good quality products at reasonable prices. All our meats come from local EEC regulated plants and are derived from animals that are graded/passed ‘fit for human consumption’. We first started producing our own meats in excess of 10 years ago, initially for our own use but then friends started to use our products and we have now grown to the stage where we distribute to most parts of England and Wales, which distribution is still increasing rapidly. Landywoods is now recognized for providing high quality and natural foods for dogs and cats in the UK.


Landywoods and Greenark, our sister site are fast becoming a natural choice for all your pet food supplies. We are the right company to come to experts in the barf diet range with over 20 years’ experience, small dedicated family run businesses that puts the customer first. We stock an excellent range of supplements, wholemeal mixers and complete kibbles for all dogs & cats. Greenark also stocks a wide variety of feeds for small Animals, such as Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Poultry, Reptiles & Wildlife. *Min order remains at £30 | Sorry at the moment we do not deliver to Scotland, North East, Cornwall & the far North of Lancs.

Why feed a raw diet?

That is a question you have to ask yourself, I did over 5 years ago now and the decision to feed naturally is the best I have made. I believe, and this is my opinion, that my dogs have never looked so good, been so healthy and are so happy and energetic. Feeding naturally has become my biggest obsession. I truly believe in it and think that everyone no matter how tight of a budget or how busy they are can make a natural diet work for them. It may seem quite daunting at first, I know I thought I would never get the hang of it, there seems so much to remember and so many hang-ups to get over! but I was prepared to give it a go.

Suitable foods

Holistically you cannot get away from the fact that dogs are primarily carnivores and carnivores eat bones. Bones are a food and packed with nutrition. Dogs have eaten them with very little harm since they were around. That was what they were created for – they cleared up all the carcasses and lots of other things – literally, the dog is a scavenger. We have fed bones to our dogs for umpteen years. The sort of gnaw, rip, crunch, chew, swallow type of bones. Where better for a dog to get totally natural, easily assimilated, top quality calcium!

All our meat products contain no added water, Nor preservatives or additives.


Paul Prudhomme


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